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S 070 not available anymore S 072
Boomerang Freecard. P25-99, Content, Living, learning and working.  Boomerang Freecard.P 19-99 Grote Clubactie  Boomerang Freecard The Tattoo man, Teylers museum, Haarlem 

S 073 S 074 not available anymore
Boomerang Cultcard P11-99, Fotogram trofee 1999 Boomerang Freecard P23-98,  Boomerang Freecard P25-99, Sky Radio, All your favourit Christmas Songs.

S 077 S 078 S 079
Boomerang Freecard, P07-98 ELLE Boomerang Card Madam Tussand Boomerang Freecard P18-98, Truth Well Told.McCann-Erickson

S 080 S 081 S 082
Boomerang Sportcard P01-99. Boomerang Freecard P06-99.  CollegeCards 

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