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How we like to Swap

Hello everybody,

 We, Ans and  Gé van Hartevelt,  like to swap or trade freecards with other collectors. We do not sell any card, we don't like that way of trade with cards you can get free. It is a hobby for us and we like it, making the site and swapping freecards.

We collecting freecards with the subject of  BEER and PERFUME.  We like to swap the maximum of  20, 30, 40 or 100  cards each time.  If you have seen  some cards you like on the site and you don't have beer or perfume cards but good swap cards in the subjects we have on our site than you may contact us and mostly we make a deal. All we ask is to send a 15 - 20 % more cards than you ask.  If you have good tradable cards for us you may send cards in duplicate, max 3.   

If you don't have Beer or Perfume cards we like the following cards:

  1. Cosmetic cards

  2. Spirit ( like Absolut ) 

  3. car cards

  4. Movie cards

  5. Fashion

  6. Safe sex 

  7. Cartoon

  8. Special cards who are good tradable

If you see some cards on the site you like but want to wait with a swap, mail us and we keep the cards for you in stock.  Most of the cards on the site we have double but, there are also singles and we are not updating the site after any mail. Don't be disappointed if not all the cards are there anymore.

If you want a mail by a update of the site or have suggestions to make the site better or want to make a link to our site or otherwise please let us know.

We are sending cards by regular post and never by priority, so we don't expect from you to send them by priority. We can wait its a hobby.

Happy swapping and freecardly,

Gé and Ans