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H 055 H 056 H 057
Boomerang Freecard, Heineken. You be the favourite. Boomerang Freecard,  Heineken, Do you like to watch the stars tonight? Boomerang Freecard, Heineken, Can left, I'm sorry. 

H 058 H 059 H 060
Boomerang Freecard , Heineken, Do you also have spring itching? Boomerang Freecard, P16-98 Heineken, Dance Parade Rotterdam.  Boomerangcard

H 061 H 062 H 063
Boomerangcard, I've got something with you. Boomerang Freecard, P20-99 Boomerang Studycard, P20-97, Shall we make a cicle 

H 064 H 065 H 066
Boomerang Freecard P20-99, Heineken, What now?. Boomerang Freecard  Heineken, There are no words for.  

Boomerang Freecard, Long time no hearing.      

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